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Mitsy and Romeo's F1b petite mini Goldendoodles arrived January 13th.! They will be ready to go home March 10th. 2023 !

We originally closed this reservation after 2 deposits due to the ultrasound showing a small litter. But Surprise,   there were 7! This is your opportunity for a dark red petite mini Goldendoodle! 

Estimated weight full grown, to be 20 lbs.

Mitsy is a Momma's girl. She never leaves my side. Follows me all around, and loves to lay her head on my shoulder. She does exceptionally well around kids. Always so gentle with the little ones. Mitsy weighs 25 pounds, and has dark brown waves. 

Romeo is our handsome 15 pound AKC registered, mini poodle. Life is just better with Romeo. He lives with our neighbors, who have 2 kids. Everyone adores him! He is quite the little lover, and turns heads everywhere he goes. 

If you're looking for a new family member that comes from genetically health tested parents, hips & elbows screened through the OFA. early neurological stimulation performed and raised in home, then you found your new family member.  

Adoption fee is $3,000 

Call or text us for more info, pictures of past litters, to schedule a facetime and/or a visit to our home. (270) 634-3540

1st.  Summer J.

2nd. Amy S.

3rd. Meagan W.

4th. Amy M.

5th. Maria E.



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We are so excited to announce that Romeo & Ellie will be expecting a litter of F1b petite mini Goldendoodles this spring! Expected to be arriving in April, ready to go home in June.
This will be our last litter of petite minis till winter time of 2023.
Romeo is our 15 pound red, Mini AKC registered poodle. He is known for turning heads with his deep red curls, and bubbly personality. This handsome boy knows no stranger, and loves to be the center of attention.
Ellie is our 25 pound mini, F1 Goldendoodle. Ellie is a momma’s girl, and the sweetest, most loving, affectionate girl. She loves long car rides, and being right where mom is at all times. Weather it be while watching tv, with one paw on your arm, sitting in your lap, or by your side while cooking.
Ellie’s babies are known for being very affectionate, quick to learn, gentle with children and very intelligent.
Both Romeo & Ellie have been genetically health tested through Paw Prints Genetics, as well as their hips and elbows screened and cleared through the OFA Foundation.

This petite mini Goldendoodle litter is expected to be in the 20 pound range.

Both parents & puppies are raised in home, around kids, held daily, & early neurological stimulation done.

Adoption fee is $3,000

Call us at (270) 634-3540 For more info, pictures of past puppies, or to schedule a visit to our home

1st. Leslie C.

2nd. Ellen W.

3rd. Cindy S.




Rambo is a 13 LB  registered and genetically health tested toy poodle. He's a quiet, sweet and passive dog. We adore his red and whtie coat and perfectly set head and face and leg length.

Reservation is full!

Molly and Romeo's litter arrived December 21st.!

Molly is very intelligent, attentive, & so affectionate. She is in a guardian home being used as a therapy pet. 

Molly’s babies are quite popular in the surrounding cities. They are known for turning heads with their beautiful wavy coats, sweet dispositions, passing obedience school with flying colors, and being featured in magazines.

Romeo is our gorgeous, dark red, AKC registered mini Poodle. Romeo is quite the dashing little guy. Turning heads with his luscious, dark curls, and amazing personality.

Both parents are genetically health tested through Paw Print Genetics, as well and hips/elbows screened through the OFA Foundation.

This beautiful litter of F1b petite mini Goldendoodles are expected to be in the 20 pound range.

We are expecting this litter to arrive December 24th. ready to go home mid February 2023.

Adoption fee is $3,000
For more info, pictures of past puppies, or a visit to our home, call us at 270-634-3540

1st. Dave W.

2nd. Erin J.

3rd. Rachel R.

4th. Rebekah F.

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